Create an Extraordinary Life


You've been playing it safe & doing the "right thing" for too long. You're probably even 'successful' in the life you've created, but are you happy?

Are you ready to (finally) do "YOUR thing" instead of the right thing? The BITMOR™ Method was created to help you define your unique roadmap to getting what you want quicker & easier than you ever thought possible! 

Here's 3 SMART STRATEGIES to get started:

Hi Beautiful!

You don't want to fail. I get it.

I spent years in an industry I was very successful in. I built an amazing career, until I started to feel like it was time to move on.

But what could I do?

This was what I knew, what I was good at.

To make a long story short, I kept pushing the feeling away. I let my fear stop me - until the universe made the decision for me. 

Even though I wasn't happy, I played it safe until it was too late. The power to choose was gone, I was forced to do something different.

When we ignore the desire to do something different, there's consequences. It shows up in our health or other negative ways, it can affect every aspect of our life.

Are you playing it safe? Are you doing what you're 'supposed to' & letting fear stop you from living an EXTRAORDINARY life?

I'm Becca Starr & I help women like you through event speaking & as a life coach. I'm also the founder of The BITMOR™ Method.

For more than two decades, I manifested & created an extraordinary life, every chapter was better than the next. But in the career I built from the ground up, it felt impossible to let go. 

After using The BITMOR™ Method in all the other areas of my life with amazing results, I (finally) applied these techniques in my career & I moved forward almost instantaneously. I was in grace. 

My promise to you is to give you everything you need to confidently take steps to create an extraordinary life. 

The BITMOR™ Method was developed to help you find happiness the moment you begin using it, & you'll begin to easily attract events, people, & ideas that lead to an extraordinary shift in your life. 

These simple strategies are proven to get you what you want quicker & easier than you ever thought possible. 

I'm so excited for you!

xo, Becca